September 13, 2018

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The words “Greek Isles” evoke visions of sun-bleached houses shoulder-to-shoulder against a hillside with a mesmerizing view of glittering blue water. But with more than two hundred Greek islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas, where do you start?


Chances are, Santorini is the island where you want to go.  That is why we had to have it on our list when we visit Greece in July 2024.


Santorini is filled with whitewashed villages that crowd the dramatic ridges and will be sure to give us all the pictures we want of this amazing location.


Santorini offers much more than the vistas made famous on postcards — its wonders include countryside wineries, ancient archaeological sites, and unforgettable beaches.  Yes. We will be visiting all of those on this trip.


The village of Oia is the quintessence of Greek Island charm. Pronounced “EE-ah,” this idyllic ensemble of whitewashed houses and blue domes delicately drapes itself over a steep slope at the top of a cliff. Viewpoints here are some of the most iconic in the Greek seas, and it is where many of the Greek pictures you see on social media was taken.


We added Santorini to our list because wherever we go on this island, we will be surrounded by beauty. 



Don’t miss this opportunity. Reserve your spot today. 


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