March 13, 2023

Top Trending Destinations for 2023

Travel Tips

I don’t know about you, but anytime I travel, I want to go somewhere new.  IF you have not solidified your vacation plans for 2023. Check out some of these trending destinations.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has been an increasingly popular destination recently, thanks to its relatively affordable and good climate and is expected to return to pre pandemic visitor levels in 2023.

Lisbon is known for its unique history, stunning colorful architecture and fantastic food.

Mexico City, Mexico

Everybody always goes to Cancun and lately Tulum.  Have you thought about Mexico City?  Mexico City is trending big time now in the world of travel.  It sits on the ruins of an ancient Aztec capital and is home to several amazing museums, beautiful palaces and mansions (it was once called the City of Palaces), and numerous world heritage sites that will keep you busy for days.  

Yaukuve Island, Fiji

You know we love luxury.  Well, Yaukuve Island is home to some of the most luxurious hotels.  The island is covered in lush rainforest, white- sand beaches, and impeccable service. With all of that, sounds like an upcoming FLY Bella Trip to me. Stay Tuned!

Florida Keys, Florida

Maybe you are not looking to travel far. Maybe you want to stay in U.S.  Instead of the usual Miami and Tampa, check out the Florida Keys.  This has been a much-loved destination for a while but it’s increasing in popularity for 2023.  In 2022, it celebrated its bicentennial, but the party and events continue well into this year.  Check it out!


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