March 13, 2023

Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a Flight

Travel Tips

Sometimes there is nothing you can do to avoid paying more than you’d like for airfare, but there are a few things you can try to keep from paying more than you should.

To help you avoid the most common errors that even seasoned travelers make, here are a few booking mistakes to avoid before you book your next trip.

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Try searching on an Incognito Browser

 It’s been long suspected that airlines and booking engines may show higher fares on routes that you have previously searched. If you are researching an upcoming trip from Atlanta to Hawaii, for example, and have checked airfares on the route frequently in recent days or weeks, the site “knows” you really want these fares and guesses that you might be willing to pay a bit more for them. 

There is not any evidence that airlines raise fares if you consistently are looking for a trip you previously searched for, but I promise you, with AI etc., it’s worth trying your search both ways- on your normal browser and on an incognito browser where your searches aren’t tracked. Just our thoughts.

Don’t book on Days when Prices are Higher.


Unless you are booking travel for work, we know that it usually more convenient for us to shop and purchase airfares over the weekend when we are free, but it has been reported that airlines release sales early in the week. Try making your reservations on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to get the better rates.


Keep in mind, too, that prices for last- minute flights are almost always higher than those booked further in advance.  You are typically better off booking at a minimum of six weeks before a domestic flight and even further in advance for international itineraries.  

Don’t FLY on Friday or Sundays


Airlines will increase the airfares for Friday and Sunday
flights. They know that many travelers would prefer to travel on those days for
a vacation weekend. Studies show the cheapest days to fly tend to be on
Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with Thursdays and Saturdays costing a little more. If
you can afford to be flexible in your travel plans you will surely make up in

Don’t Forget about Alternate Airports

Many major cities have more than one good- sized airport, but by searching only a specific one, you won’t see potentially better fares to other nearby options.  A few examples are Newark vs. JFK vs. LaGuardia or Long Beach vs. LAX. When looking for your flight options, select “All Airports” opposed to the direct airport code.  

As we get outside this summer, try to use some of these tips when you are booking your trips for your upcoming flights. 





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