May 2, 2024

Why Many Women Are Choosing Group Trips over Solo Trips

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Women make up a significant portion of solo travelers. However lately, many women have opted to not go solo but join travel groups to see the world. Taking an organized trip is very enticing to many women. It offers a way for women to travel solo safely and within a community of other solo women, leaving all of the details to a Travel designer. The travel industry is very much aware of the high demand of women group trips and work hard to give us the very best when we arrive.

See why more women are opting for group trips:

Easy planning

Not having to worry about all the details of the perfect vacation is, without a doubt, one of the most appealing aspects of group trips. Planning a group trip can be easy breezy when you use a professional travel organizer. They will arrange your accommodations, what you’ll do and transportation throughout your trip. Just sit back and relax! The details are outlined and planned for you with plenty of leisure time for you to do your own thing. That way, you and the rest of your group can focus on enjoying the trip.

Interacting with new people

Traveling in a group is a social experience. Women tell us that the ability to meet new friends on a group trip is one of the major attractions. Let’s face it, you can have a group of really close friends; but some can’t travel, some don’t want to travel, some can’t afford to travel and some you have traveled with before and vowed to never do it again. LOL The great thing about group travel is that you have the opportunity to travel with women like you, who are ready to go.

Travel Guides

The majority of group trips include a local guide for the entire duration of your trip. They will have extensive local knowledge, speak the local language, and assist you in comprehending the areas you visit. Furthermore, they are your local connect and definitely a big part of you having a fabulous time.


Last but certainly not least. Safety! Safety seems to be the #1 reason women are choosing to travel on group trips. The freedom you feel while in another country with others that have your back is priceless.

If you want to go on your next girls’ trip and share new experiences with FLY women just like you, join us on a FLY Bella trip. We got you!

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