Ever wanted to travel but you had no companion or didn’t want to get stressed making all the necessary travel arrangements?

That’s why we are here!

At FLY Bellas, we offer a perfect way for women to travel solo without feeling alone at all. We exist for one reason – to support solo women travelers by offering quality, women-only travels and tours so they can realize their travel dreams.

We don’t just sell trips – we sell experiences. We are both a Travel and Social group that fosters sisterhood as we share experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.  Join our diverse group of women who are boss ladies in their respective fields on high-end trips to experience both local and international culture.

Every FLY Bella who travels with us embarks on a unique and bespoke journey with every detail carefully considered and deftly delivered. We pay great attention to delivering safe and upscale travels, and our prices unapologetically reflect our premium standards.

We are all about you, and offering luxury, exclusive, and high value tours and travel experiences that will leave you with a desire to keep coming back time and time again.

With FLY Bellas Travel, the journey is as important as the destination. We create an enabling environment for you to meet and network with your FLY Bellas sisters and build a FLY Bella bond before your first travel event. 

We have a passion to change the way women experience travel, that’s why we focus on connecting you to a sense of community with like-minded women so you can enjoy memorable experiences.

So join The FLY Bellas Travel Group on luxurious women-only tours to visit all the amazing destinations you have dreamed of without ever having to worry about traveling alone. Come make great new friends who love to travel as much as you do while sharing beautiful experiences together.

We look forward to welcoming you to your next adventure!

Meet Carla Stevenson- Founder

I’m Carla Stevenson, a businesswoman and a travel lover. Growing up in Baltimore, MD, I always felt drawn to life beyond my own borders.  I was fortunate to have the life-changing experience of living abroad as a young adult. As I explored the world around me, I had the opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultures.  I have become familiar with the challenges other women like me encounter that prevents them from exploring on their own – a lack of safety and comfort. This insight is what fuels my passion to offer women unique travel opportunities through FLY Bellas.

Memories aren’t made while waiting on the sidelines!

Our goal at the FLY Bellas Travel Group is to make travel within the reach of every woman so they can experience the world beyond their immediate environment and create long lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

Join us!

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